Panopto's all-in-one video platform brings video recording, webcasting, video content management, search, editing and more to any laptop or iOS device. For assistance setting up and using Panopto for the first time at the University of Arizona, contact Malcolm Elliott.

Key Features

  • Recording
    Record presentations, lectures, screencasts, events, and meetings from any laptop, classroom, office, or home computer.
  • Live Streaming
    Broadcast live online to hundreds or thousands of viewers around the world.
  • Video Import
    Upload your videos and manage them from a secure central repository.
  • Viewing
    View live webcasts and on-demand video in high definition from any device
  • Editing
    Trim and remix your videos from anywhere with Panopto's web-based media editor.
  • Search
    Search within your videos to find the specific segment you're looking for.
  • Content Management
    Organize and manage a centralized library of hundreds or thousands of videos
  • Integration
    Integrate with you LMS or Active Directory, and customize Panopto with built-in APIs
  • Mobile
    Search your entire library, view videos, and create new recordings, all from your iPhone or iPad


  • Capture Lectures
  • Students can view anytime and can pause, search, add notes
  • Create course material from anywhere
  • Capture your screen, audio, video, supplement recording with PDF attachments and PowerPoint Slides
  • Captioning services available, contact Dawn Hunziker,
  • Student recording for multimedia assignments individually or in teams
  • Mobile recording, search and view recordings, tame mobile notes
  • Build a comprehensive video library – on-demand searchable recordings 

Sample Uses

  • Record lectures and class interactions
  • Flipped classroom – record lectures and presentations before class, have students review, use classtime for discussions, questions, problem solving, review, etc.
  • Student multimedia projects
  • Panopto Showcase (Video Recordings and Case Studies)

Getting Started Documents

  1. Panopto Support
  2. Windows Overview
  3. Macintosh Overview
  4. Basic Editing
  5. Access
    1. D2L or other accounts–  Malcolm Elliott,
    2. Blackboard – Eller College – Walt Deyo,
  6. UITS and OIA do not support Panopto Mobile at this time, but check back, because someday, we will!
  7. Frequently Asked Questions


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