Resource Description: 

Panopto's all-in-one video platform brings video recording, webcasting, video content management, search, editing and more to any laptop or iOS device.

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  • Recording
    Record presentations, lectures, screencasts, events, and meetings from any laptop, classroom, office, or home computer.
  • Live Streaming
    Broadcast live online to hundreds or thousands of viewers around the world.
  • Video Import
    Upload your videos and manage them from a secure central repository.
  • Viewing
    View live webcasts and on-demand video in high definition from any device
  • Editing
    Trim and remix your videos from anywhere with Panopto's web-based media editor.
  • Search
    Search within your videos to find the specific segment you're looking for.
  • Content Management
    Organize and manage a centralized library of hundreds or thousands of videos
  • Integration
    Integrate with you LMS or Active Directory, and customize Panopto with built-in APIs
  • Mobile
    Search your entire library, view videos, and create new recordings, all from your iPhone or iPad
Sample Uses: 
  • Record lectures and class interactions
  • Flipped classroom – record lectures and presentations before class, have students review, use classtime for discussions, questions, problem solving, review, etc.
  • Student multimedia projects
  • Panopto Showcase (Video Recordings and Case Studies)
  • Capture Lectures
  • Students can view anytime and can pause, search, add notes
  • Create course material from anywhere
  • Capture your screen, audio, video, supplement recording with PDF attachments and PowerPoint Slides
  • Captioning services available, contact Dawn Hunziker,
  • Student recording for multimedia assignments individually or in teams
  • Mobile recording, search and view recordings, tame mobile notes
  • Build a comprehensive video library – on-demand searchable recordings 
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