College-Specific Resources

Many colleges and some departments offer desktop IT services. You may need help installing the Panopto Recorder or Turning Point Cloud application on your computer if your college locks you out of your machine. In some instances your college may also offer local support for using academic technologies.

Agriculture and Life Sciences
CALS classroom support:
Systems, security and Labs:

Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture
Phone: 520-621-3284

College of Applied Science and Technology
Technology Services
Brian Bates
Phone: (520) 458-8278 ext. 2164
Stephen Folino Gallo
Phone: (520) 458-8278, ext. 2163

Phone: 520-621-1386

Phone: 520.621-2385
Phone: 520.621-2385
For in-class equipment services contact Classroom Technology Services 621-3852

Phone: 520.626.7094
Create a help ticket:

Fine Arts
Phone: 520-349-5064

Create a help ticket:

Law (James E Rogers)
Electronic Services phone number 520-626-2613. Room is 109P.
Ricardo Ruiz at 260-4225, room is 228.

Phone:  602-827-4357

Phone: (520) 626-8721
Create a help ticket:
Faculty Instructional Development

Phone: 520.626.8357

Optical Sciences
Phone: 520-621-8838
Create a help ticket:
Building and Room Location: Meinel 431        

Phone:  520-626-8002

Public Health (Mel and Enid Zuckerman)
Office of Information Technology
Phone: (520) 626-7417

Social and Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 520.621.1596
Create a help ticket: (Ticket Dog link on the right and a few inches down.)