D2L News - March 2022

Every month D2L adds new features. There are four that instructors may want to explore: the option to put Intelligent Agents in categories, the ability to copy Announcements with just a few clicks, easy access to the Media Library, and a new setting when importing SCORM objects.

Intelligent Agent categories were added in February. The remaining three features will be added during the regular monthly update, to version 20.22.2, on Thursday, March 24, 2022. We hope you find them useful.


The D2L Consulting Team

Organize Intelligent Agent Using Categories | New

Intelligent Agents allow instructors to schedule automated emails to specific students and are useful for collecting data. As of the February 24th update, it became possible to use categories to organize Intelligent Agents.

To create a new category:

  1. Access the Intelligent Agents tool by clicking Course Admin in the course Navbar.
  2. Click the Edit Categories button.

  3. Click the Add Category button.

  4. Give your category a Name and click Create.

  5. Then, when you create or edit an Intelligent Agent, you will be able to select the Category you have created.

  6. You can also create categories from within the Intelligent Agent by clicking Add Category.

Quickly Copy an Announcement | New

Sometimes it is quicker to copy and make changes to an existing announcement than it is to rebuild a new one, especially for announcements that have similar contents or formats. Now, D2L has made it possible to quickly copy an announcement with just a few clicks.

To copy an announcement:

  1.  On the Course Home page, click Announcements to open the tool.

  2. Click on the Actions menu (looks like a down caret next to the announcement name).

  3. Select Copy.


Easily Access your Media Library | New

Until recently, you could upload audio and video files to D2L, but students could not play them unless they first downloaded them. Now, D2L has added a built-in combination player and editor. Students can play audio and video right from within your course’s Content page, and instructors can edit video timelines, create chapters, and add captions.. 

All audio and video files uploaded to a course’s Content page are stored in your Media library, and can easily be added to any course. 

To add a media file to a different course:

  1. From within the course where you want to add the video, click Content in the Navbar.
  2. Navigate to the Module where you want the media located.
  3. Click the Existing Activities button.
  4. Select Media Library.

  5. Click the name of the video.

  6. Your video will automatically appear as the last topic in your module.

A New Setting when Uploading SCORM Objects to Content | New

Instructors sometimes use software such as Captivate - part of the suite of Adobe tools [link: https://adobe.arizona.edu/] available to campus - to create interactive videos. The final video can be saved as a “SCORM object” that is then uploaded into D2L Brightspace. A new feature makes it possible to disable D2L’s built-in SCORM review/retake functionality in order to prevent problems when the SCORM object already gives students the ability to review/retake. 

Note: this setting is available to all SCORM objects uploaded after the March 24 update. If a SCORM object uploaded before the update needs to have this setting changed, you must reupload and replace the original file.

To access the review/retake setting in a SCORM Object:

  1. Open your course.
  2. Click Content in the Navbar.

  3. Click the Upload/Create button (if you are adding a SCORM object to your content, navigate to the module where you want it located).

  4. Select New SCORM/xAPI Object.

  5. If your SCORM object has already been uploaded, select it. If not, click Bulk Upload and follow the instructions to upload.

  6. In the Course Package Properties for your SCORM object, select Edit Properties.

  7. The default is set to Add review/retake; it is possible to change the setting to Do not add review/retake and Save.



Did you know?

When you click on Grades in the Navbar, what you see is very different from what students see. You can see their view using Preview.

By default, students see individual grade items, but do not see their Calculated Grade. You can, however, release the calculated grade to them at any time.

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