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We have over 60 years of video storytelling experience. Helping you bring an experience to your students that they are otherwise unable to have is what makes our job fun! Some past examples are guided museum tours, performing lab experiments, viewing real world objects being created, and capturing subject matter expert interviews. Get started by submitting a request!

We have the expertise and equipment to help you with nearly any instructional video project, but schedules can fill up fast so please plan ahead. A minimum of a few weeks notice is requested for a taping and it is not guaranteed until we have confirmed the schedule with you. A unique student experience can require a few additional meetings to ensure the story boarding process is complete and that we deliver the experience you are hoping for. The story boarding process ensures the "shoot" goes well with all required footage being obtained.

When deciding to add video to your course, please consider the purpose for and the duration of the video, as students typically stop watching after six minutes.

If you have any questions or are interested in taking the next step, email Heather Lares to start the conversation!

Disclaimer: We do not duplicate copyrighted materials.