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We build web applications, and mobile apps that will bring your ideas to life and enhance your students' learning.

  • Do you have an idea for a technology that will enhance your students' learning, benefit the university or advance education in general, but can't find anything like it?
  • Comfortable with HTML and have rich content you want to create by yourself in a professional app (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc)?  Ask about our XML Framework app.

The first step in the process is to have a conversation with our technology development team to talk through your ideas! Please contact Mark Bryant to set up the meeting.

Looking for web space to host a professional, lab or project web site?  Please visit Arizona Sites (UA Sites).  OIA is no longer providing this service for people who don't already have an existing web site with us.


Examples of apps created by our team:

  • The Picture Rosters Tool Suite
    Provides tools for instructors that facilitate learning to recognize students in the class. This tool also provides a random student selector to help ensure that students are called upon evenly in class or discussions. These tools include the abilities to display rosters and photo grids for classes and save them to PDF for offline viewing and/or printing.
  • Ancient to Modern Southwest Indian Pottery
    Get up-close and personal with four Southwest pottery masterworks from the Arizona State Museum Pottery Project! This interactive app lets you spin and look inside pots dating from 1200 - 2009 CE (AD) while providing historic and cultural context. Of interest to casual art enthusiasts and experts alike, the richly illustrated app features an ancient Mesa Verde Black-on-white mug; a Fourmile Polychrome jar; a rare olla by the famous Hopi-Tewa potter, Nampeyo; and a modern take on a Chaco Canyon-inspired cylinder jar by cutting-edge Cochiti Pueblo artist Diego Romero.
  • Chemistry By Design: Learning by Using the Graphical Language of Organic Chemistry
    Chemistry By Design is an interactive virtual flashcard that allows students to test their skills using known synthetic sequences. The goal is to display the reagents, starting materials and products for every single step used in constructing a natural product or pharmaceutical. Students are provided with different browsing options to test themselves.
  • UAbacus
    With the UAbacus, you can add and subtract numbers using the "logic method" for abacus computation. Those learning abacus computation can practice their computation skills, getting help with a step if they become stuck and having the correct answer verified. Users who do not know how to compute using a Cranmer abacus can support individuals who are abacus users by following the problem-solving steps as the individual works the problem on a Cranmer abacus.
  • See the rest of our created apps and tools.