TurnItIn (Plagiarism Detection)


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TurnItIn does two main things for writing assignments:

  1. When a student submits a file to D2L's Assignment tool (formerly D2L's Dropbox) an originality score is generated. This score indicates what percentage of the student's writing is similar to writing that already exists in the world.
  2. An instructor can provide feedback using TurnItIn's new Feedback Studio. It is similar to D2L's feedback features, but with the added bonus of being able to comment directly on the student's paper.

The similarity score is not proof of plagiarism. It is only saying someone else has written a similar sentence. For a complete understanding of the university's plagiarism policy please refer to the Dean of Students website.

TurnItIn's Peermark tool is available in D2L by request. Please contact the D2L Team to use Peermark. (Note: This can be a difficult tool to use and its effectiveness is under review by OIA.)

Self-help materials are available on the D2L Help Pages.  Should you want to schedule a time with a D2L Consultant to discuss turnitin.com please schedule a Zoom appointment.



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