Teaching with Technology

The University of Arizona has licensed several technologies that are the best available tools in their domains. We have created support teams that are knowledgeable in the technologies and the learning theories that can make the most of the interactions between you and your students. Further, the OIA has a team for multimedia creation and a team for creating new technologies when you can't find it on the web.

While some of the technologies overlap, there is usually one technology that best accomplishes your goals. We recommend reviewing the self-help materials and then schedule a time to meet with one of our team members to review your choices and learn the tools. Instructors repeatedly tell us this is the most efficient way for them to get up and running with their teaching and learning goals.

We hope that as you choose to adopt some of these instructional technologies into your teaching practice, we can help you pair them with evidence-based teaching strategies that lead to better student learning.

Ask a question about teaching with technology, course design, or enhancing student learning with technology tools.

Information about the technology tools supported by Digital Learning (Credly, Examity, PlayPosit, and VoiceThread) is available at their Instructional Technologies website.

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Ask questions during class time or use Think-Pair-Share to turn the questions into active learning.
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D2L is a course management system that can assist you in creating an organized experience for your students, providing students access to materials, activities that apply what students are learning, and feedback.
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We have over 60 years of video storytelling experience. Helping you bring an experience to your students that they are otherwise unable to have is what makes our job fun!
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Record class lectures and activities. Create small introductions to your course materials from your office.
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We build websites, applications, and mobile apps that bring your ideas to life and enhance your students learning process.
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Similarity scores are based on student text being compared to other student submissions, journals, periodicals, and the internet.

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Zoom is the University of Arizona's online synchronous meeting tool of choice and is free to use for any university business.