Heather Lares

A photo of Heather Lares
Media Specialist, Principal

My piece of the puzzle:
Heather manages Multimedia Solutions which creates multimedia content for instructional and promotional purposes.  In addition to her management duties she still finds time to do some video editing and graphics work for the various productions Multimedia Solutions creates.

Background & Education:
Heather graduated from the University of Arizona in 1999 with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.  She has been creating media for the last 12 years and has successfully completed four short documentary videos: Border Crossings/Cruzando Fronteras, Poisoned: The Workers of Brush Wellman, Shutting Down the Stacks, and Tales of Lust and Espionage.   She has had many production roles which include directing, cinematography, video editing, and graphics.  By far, her specialty and favorite production task is editing.  She has collaborated on many video and film projects over the last decade.  Some of them include: The Human Condition, A Beautifully Controlled Study of Provincial Melancholy, Our Lives, and Nico Was Here.