Whether you are teaching a small seminar class or a class of 500 students, are teaching an on-ground, hybrid, or face-to-face course, we are here to help you address the challenges and reap the rewards of guiding student learning.

You are welcome to contact one of our faculty developers to discuss your teaching ideas, concerns, or questions. We are happy to work with you via email, phone, or Zoom.

Ask a question about teaching or using UA-supported technology tools in teaching.

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Empty ClassroomPlanning for teaching includes identifying the learning outcomes for your course, and selecting and planning for the strategies that will support student learning.
Polling with Lettered CardsAssessing student learning can be done in every class session, and can range from clicker questions to weekly quizzes to major projects. OIA also offers machine test-scoring services for the UA community.
Instructor Addressing StudentsFacilitating student learning encompasses all of the strategies instructors can use to support student learning in any delivery format.

In addition to the three categories above, here are some general teaching resources:

OIA Mini-Primers

These are short, narrative introductions to a variety of teaching topics with links to numerous internal and external web resources.

  • Tips & Resources for Incoming Graduate Teaching Assistants
  • Finding Teaching Resources on the Web

OIA Mini-Primers List

NEW OIA RESOURCE: Picture Rosters Tool Suite

Do you struggle with learning students' names in your courses? This tool will help you learn names by quizzing you with a flashcard feature. It also includes a random student selector to help ensure students are called on equally. 

Other UA Teaching Resources

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