Taking your Instructional Team Online

Taking Your Instructional Team (GTAs and Preceptors) Online

May 26th, 2020

The Office of Instruction and Assessment and NSF IUSE Instructional-Teams Project presents the “Taking Your Instructional Team Online” webinar. Listen in for an interactive panel discussion about deploying your graduate TAs and undergraduate preceptors in the online/remote classroom.

Description: Many of us are familiar with deploying a team of in-class ‘helpers” (graduate TAs and undergraduate preceptors) in our in-person classrooms, but what does it look like to bring those instructional helpers into the online space? Listen in for a panel discussion with four instructors who have deployed instructional teams in both online and in-person settings to explore the ways in which these teams can support you as the instructor and increase quality learning opportunities and community for your students.

Questions? Feel free to contact any of the moderators or panelists.

Interested in learning more through an instructional-team focused Professional Learning Community? Contact Susan Hester for more information. 

Webinar Recording